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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Byte Size Box 0001 Walk-through Video Available


This month's HackerBox Byte Size is about USB data protection and privacy.

Whether you are a fan of the Incognito sticker to hide your activity online, or the HB shield sticker to protect your laptop with a glider and Open Source hardware logo, or the CAUTION CYBER HAZARD key chain, these contents provide edutainment as a reminder to stay vigilant in the cyberz.

Difficult to avoid a virtual meeting these days. So let's add a webcam cover! Keep your privacy safe from accidental viewers while you are preparing to join the meeting.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are typically green and used in most electronics. Here HackerBoxes is showing how PCBs can be artistic as well. The black 6" PCB ruler has the HackerBoxes copper logo on one side, and 19 SMD footprints along with trace widths on the other side. Super handy to have around and satisfying to look at.

Next up is the USB Data Blocker! Great to prevent someone taking data off or putting unwanted files onto your USB charging devices. Watch Heal's walk-through video to show you how it works.

Last, and far from least, the Lily GO USB keyboard impersonating stick. Lily GO can be used as a GoodUSB or a BadUSB (for pen-testing only Tyros!). Heal shows you how to flash the micro-controller on the Lily GO to send friendly messages, or play harmless pranks on those who love you. Or at a minimum is patient with your shenanigans. Such as Heal rick-rolling his kid. He's working on an Advanced video to step through how the Arduino sketches work so you can make your own.

Be sure to pick up your Byte Size Box 0001 to join the fun or subscribe monthly so not to miss any boxes while saving some cash.

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