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Sunday, January 23, 2022

New Year Message from Hak4Kidz

With the holiday season behind us and the new year having begun, some of us may already be reflecting on what to accomplish over the next twelve months. Such as, how to make a difference in a community or what personal outcomes you are striving for. Whatever it may be, you are going to do something amazing!

We hope during the holidays you were able to reconnect with the people you love and are important in your life. Took a break from the electronic devices and did something like playing a board game. My family enjoys playing Settlers of Catan and Star Munchkin.

With 2021 in the rearview mirror, the Hak4Kidz Board of Directors at the end of December to review 2021, plan for 2022, and beyond. Without going into deep detail and long written prose, here are the highlights and exciting news:

  • in person events will resume in 2022, as along as it's safe to bring Tyros together.
  • in person events will be following the safety guidelines and vaccination policies of both the local government, venue, and partnering organization.
  • current date for Hak4Kidz in Milwaukee in partnership with CypherCon is scheduled for Saturday April 30th. Exact location is still be finalized. Ticket sales will open up at the end of January.
  • the flagship Chicago event is scheduled for Saturday June 4th. Location is tentatively the new Cisco office on 433 West Van Buren Street in downtown Chicago. Ticket sales will open up at the end of January.
  • other in person events need to be confirmed such as at GrrCON, BloomCon, and BSides KC. Stay tuned for more details.
  • BSides Toronto has confirmed that they will most likely not be in person for 2022. 
  • Heal has been working on some digital projects that will be for sale at Def Con 30 or at partner events. For example, check out the prototype video of this phaser pin and #badgelife badge add-on!
  • our new blog site has launched! You already knew that. This blog will be a resource for education and news. We are looking for technical writers so please DM our Twitter account if interested.
  • and most exciting of all, Jeffrey Man joined the Hak4Kidz Board to support our initiatives involving diversity, equity, and inclusion.

There is more going on which we are eager to share, so keep checking the Hak4Kidz website and blog for news.

Thanks again for participating at and believing in Hak4Kidz. 2021 was an interesting year for everyone, so we are planning to make 2022 a much better one!

Happy New Year,
The Hak4Kidz Team

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