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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Pulling in the same direction with HackerBoxes

For some time now, I've been talking to like-minded information security folks about how we have the same objectives when it comes to security awareness training and youth education. The unfortunate truth is we haven't made much progress collaborating. People talk, they get excited, and then something else happens resulting in no follow up. Yeah, there might be some exceptions out there, but very few?

HackerBoxes and Hak4Kidz have entered into a mutual agreement to use each other's strengths and pull together in the same direction. HackerBoxes has figured out designing, curating, and distributing fun and challenging kits. Hak4Kidz is excels at educating kids on IT and Information Security.

The benefits of the partnership is for kids ages 10-110 to submerge themselves into an edutaining hands-on experience of the joy of receiving a monthly mystery HackerBox Byte Size and a walk-through video provided by Hak4Kidz. President of Hak4Kidz, David Schwartzberg, stated, "We are thrilled at the opportunity to expand our services to an underserved demographic over the Internet. The combined forces of HackerBoxes and Hak4Kidz will surely elevate the skills of youths and adults in electronics, cybersecurity, and ethical hacking."

The CEO of HackerBoxes commented, "After shipping our advanced monthly HackerBoxes to adult hobbyists for over six years, we are super excited to also offer Byte Size as a more focused, straight-forward monthly box for beginners of all ages."

While subscriptions for Byte Size are available today, May 15th is the anticipated first ship date of Byte Size with the walk-through video to be released a couple days later. Hak4Kidz is also offering a monthly or annual subscription of Advanced Hacks with the Byte Size box.

Educationally exciting times are ahead!

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