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Saturday, April 16, 2022

A Difficult Decision

   As the title of this article states, the Board of Hak4Kidz NFP had to make a difficult decision today. With so much opening up in the Chicagoland area, people are still not getting out of the house as much as we were expecting by this time. How do we know? Our Milwaukee event registration is lower than expected, but a Wisconsin middle school purchased 30 tickets, so we will carry on.

   In our professional lives, one of us planned 3 different professional events on the same day and the turnout was less than desired. That was a big tell. Having a Hak4Kidz event on June 4th is reasonably close to those events mentioned above. So whether the concern is being in large crowds (understandably) or people don't want to put on outside clothes thus leaving the comfort of their home (understandably) , or both, the decision had to be made quickly.

   We are working on selecting a date in late summer or early fall for the next event. But, we want to hear from you first. Please complete this very simple Doodle poll before May 1st to let us know what works best for you. We will communicate the new schedule once the logistics of reserving the venue are finalized.

   Anyone who purchased a ticket will have the option of deferring their ticket for the new date, or a full refund. Once the new date is determined we will notify via social media and an article. We will honor the decision up to two weeks prior to the new date.

   Thank you very much for your community support and we are planning to make the next Chicago event bigger and better than ever!


Hak4Kidz Team

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