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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Genesis of Hak4Kidz Blog


Hak4Kidz has been thinking about, talking about, attempted to create, and collaborated with others on starting a quality blog site for adults and Hak4Kidz Tyros. Tyro is defined as someone who is learning or a novice. All attempts have been with great intention but failed to launch, until now.

Our goal is to provide InfoSec and CyberSec educational material for various audiences to consume, but with a primary focus on reiterating or expanding upon activities and workshops are run at our events. We have also discussed entertaining hacker stories. Stories which could be fiction based upon reality or pure fiction. There will also be articles explaining some of our creations in detail. The possibilities have no bounds but will always have our Tyros benefit in the forefront.

Please keep in mind that there is no sudden abundance of time or writers. The opposite is true. You can see who our contributors are quite easily on the sidebar to your right, there aren't that many at the time this article was written. Time? All I can say is the timing just feels right.

We hope you enjoy what we are offering or can share the content with someone you believe will. We strive to help our Tyros to learn about tech while having fun.

Stay healthy everyone and be better!

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